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Accelerate social change by bringing people together

Social Issues We Are Solving

The resources needed to solve social issues are limited

While many are interested in contributing to social change, only few are able to do so

What we do

We leverage the untapped potential of passive social change makers by helping them contribute to society in an easy, fun way through a purpose-driven community app, AI recommendations, and community currency.

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Connect like-minded people

We connect like-minded people who are passionate about the same social cause so that they can collaborate with each other. We do so through a social networking app based on mutual interests in social causes and AI-based recommendations.

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Optimally allocate the resources needed to solve social issues

We optimally allocate the resources by matching the right talent with the right role through an AI-powered recommender engine.

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Expand the resources needed to solve social issues

We expand the resources by helping passive social change makers contribute their time to social impact projects in an easy, fun and fulfilling way. We help passive social change makers join social impact projects with just one click. Users can get AI-based recommendations tailored to their interests and needs so that they don't need to browse for opportunities. They can learn new skills and build their portfolio while contributing to a social cause. By offering blockchain-based tokens, Socious incentivizes passive social change makers to contribute their time to social impact projects. These tokens can be exchanged for socially conscious products and experiences within the community.


Become the world's largest social impact ecosystem

Our values

At Socious we want to make a difference in the world but we believe that do so needs to start from within

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We want build a more inclusive world and it starts from building an inclusive company.

Life First, Work Second

We believe that family and friends are more important than work. If there is a conflict between life and work, we should always prioritize life.

High Performance for High Social Impact

Our goal is to maximize social impact, not shareholder value or profit. Our social and financial returns are generally aligned, but if there is a conflict, we prioritize social returns.

Autonomy and Accountability

Each Socious member enjoys a high level of autonomy is trusted to do the right thing. They are also accountable for the decisions they make.

Candor and Collaboration

Being honest is better than being nice.

Meet The Team

Seira Yun

Founder & CEO

Seira Yun

Atsushi Inoue

AI Advisor

Atsushi Inoue, Ph.D.

Galina Neydenova

Data Scientist

Galina Naydenova (MSc, FHEA)

Rhys Malyon

Web Developer

Rhys Malyon

Lawrence Cate

Technical Advisor

Lawrence Cate

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